Thursday, June 17, 2010

From the Spree to the Rhein

Claudia and I managed to get in a nice boat tour on the Spree yesterday, before heading from Berlin back to Bonn. It was a gorgeous day in Berlin. I think I even got sunburned. The airport and flight were uneventful, and we landed in Bonn in time to walk down from Claudia's apartment to the Rhein in Bonn.

We had some Kartoffelbraten and Kraut Salat and a couple Rheinland beers in the beergarden, then settled in so Claudia could be ready for work. She has been a fantastic travel partner. As a note the (very) large mug of beer on the table in this picture is Claudia's. Ha. And it's a combo beer and Fanta. The Germans like to mix drinks. Juice with spritzer water and beer with cola. It's pretty tasty. I was drinking a Kölsch, of course. In Bonn, you can order Bönnsch, the local beer.

I have rested some today, and am excited to see the Cramers this afternoon for tea and Kuchen. I rented a room from the Cramers for a couple years when I lived in Bonn, and they were very good to me. Tonight I'll meet with friends in Bonn and can't wait!

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