Friday, June 18, 2010


Yesterday in Bonn was fantastic. I must have walked 5 miles. It doesn't seem like I've been gone so long at all.

The Cramers were gracious as always. Their garden (and their pet turtles) are still wonderful. We had some Kuchen from the finest backery in Endenich. They showed me a picture they took of me six years ago, which they keep in their album of all the international folks who come to rent from them each year. I was very thin. Mr. Cramer said that all Americans gain weight when they go back home. "It's the food." Ha. He is right! I tried to tell him there are movements to eat more locally grown, fresh foods. Gotta love the German directness. Always know where you stand!

Edith was so sweet to come pick me up at the Cramers. She drove all the way from Köln to visit with me again. We had a nice dinner in Bonn at Giacomo and went by BonnGout as well, where we could watch a little football. It was nice weather out.

On to the HausBar which is at the Opera House, to meet Claudia and some of her wonderful friends.

Live music, and lots of German men in tight blue jeans. Well, maybe not all of them were German. If you've been following the blog, you'll know that I got a little side tracked last week on the train ride to Düsseldorf. Remember, cute British guy who lives in Bonn? He was at the HausBar. When I saw him I said, "See, I told you I'd run into you in Bonn."

It's a smalll world, after all.

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